Restauracja Polka w Łodzi Restauracja Polka w Łodzi

Magda Gessler

Magda Gessler is the most recognized restaurateur in Poland, she is also an artist painter who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Her restaurants resemble works of art, not only in its culinary aspects. She always decorates her restaurants by herself, changing the place into the unique space full of craftsmanship and artistry. She calls herself a director of art where each of her guests play a main part. She is a culinary unquestioned authority, over the years appreciated by the industry and millions of Poles.

About Restaurant

Restaurant Polka in Łódź is famous for its traditional Polish flavours, exquisite cuisine and incredible atmosphere. Delicious traditional Polish cuisine and regional specialties, combined with the extraordinary imagination of Magda Gessler, guarantee an unprecedented dining experience.
In Polka, located within the century old walls of the well-known Manufaktura complex, citizens of Łódź are reminded of the atmosphere of bygone Sunday dinners surrounded by family, friends, and foreign guests digging into real Polish dishes in their truest form.


Monday to saturday

11:00 – 23:00


11:00 – 22:00


Restauracja POLKA

C.H. Manufaktura ul. Ogrodowa 19a
91-065 Łódź
Tel.: + 48 42 630-35-30

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