Restauracja Polka w Łodzi Restauracja Polka w Łodzi


The Manufaktura Center is a multifunctional cultural, shopping and entertainment complex located in nineteenth century factory buildings built by legendary textile mogul Izrael Poznanski.The opening of the Center in 2006 was preceded by the largest post-industrial building project in all of Europe. The ambitious Manufaktura project set out to restore the complex to its former glory and recapture its unique atmosphere by preserving not only the historic interiors of the former Cotton Plant buildings, but also by fully restoring their characteristic brick facades. The buildings in the complex fuse history with modernity as does Restaurant Polka by Magda Gessler. The brick walls retain the original style of the building but a prominent chandelier made of saucers and cups and a beautiful poppy ceiling both reflect the contemporary character of the restaurant.

Restaurant Polka in Łódź is famous for its traditional Polish flavours

About Magda Gessler

Magda Gessler is the most recognized restaurateur in Poland, she is also an artist painter who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Her restaurants resemble works of art, not only in its culinary aspects. She always decorates her restaurants by herself, changing the place into the unique space full of craftsmanship and artistry. She calls herself a director of art where each of her guests play a main part. She is a culinary unquestioned authority, over the years appreciated by the industry and millions of Poles. Thanks to her passion and commitment she managed to save almost 150 restaurants around the country and the number is growing all the time. With her fiery temperament and a distinctive storm of blond curls she fights for taste, quality and style in Polish restaurants. She is a traveller, author of books and essays and a unique culinary television personality. She has been awarded with: Viktor in the category of television discovery, Telekamery 2012 in the category of TV Personality and the Top Ten in 2013 in the category Always on Top. Since 2012 she is a member of the jury in the Polish edition of MasterChef. She hosts Polish edition of Culinary Revolutions from 2010.

They mentioned us

Bardzo ucieszyłam się z zaproszenia. Już od dawna chciałam się tam wybrać ale nigdy nie było okazji….


„Restauracja jest stylizowana na dworek, pełen maków w wystroju. Oferuje oczywiście kuchnię polską.”

Łódz, nasze miasto


„Magda Gessler, restauratorka-celebrytka, bohaterka telewizyjnych „Kuchennych rewolucji” otworzyła w Łodzi restaurację Polka. Z tej okazji zorganizowała na rynku Manufaktury imprezę świąteczną, na której opowiadała o sekretach tradycyjnej kuchni świątecznej.”

Dziennik łódzki