About restaurant

Restaurant Polka in Łódź is famous for its traditional Polish flavours, exquisite cuisine and incredible atmosphere. Delicious traditional Polish cuisine and regional specialties, combined with the extraordinary imagination of Magda Gessler, guarantee an unprecedented dining experience.

 In Polka, located within the century old walls of the well-known Manufaktura complex, citizens of Łódź are reminded of the atmosphere of bygone Sunday dinners surrounded by family, friends, and foreign guests digging into real Polish dishes in their truest form.

 Magda Gessler is an undisputed authority in the culinary arts and gastronomy. Her extraordinary sense of taste and artistic sensibilities have made her one of the most beloved and respected restaurateurs in Poland. As an expert in her field, she provides advice and recommendations for how to run restaurants. She is also the owner of several of her own restaurants.